The Process

Your invitations set the tone of your event – they are a reflection of what is to come. This is often the first glimpse your guests have of your celebration, so conveying the proper message is very important.


We begin by sitting down with you to discuss your personal style and ideas for the celebration. Transforming your vision into an invitation begins with getting to know you and the impression you would like to convey.


We’ll talk about details.

Wedding Invitations

Where is your event being held?

What style is your dress?

What color are the bridesmaids wearing?

What flowers have you chosen?

What time of day is the wedding?

Are you providing accommodations for your guests? Transportation?

Bridal Shower

Is it a surprise?

Where is it being held (someone’s house, a restaurant, a country club, etc.)?

Is there a theme (around the clock, lingerie, kitchen, garden and tool, etc.)?

Who are the hostesses and which will collect the replies?

Baby Shower

Is it a couples shower or just the ladies?

Is the sex of the baby known?

Where is the couple registered?

Is there a theme (baby’s first book, decorate a onesie, afternoon tea, etc.)?

Is the shower for a second-time-around mom (a sprinkle)?

Baby Announcement

Do you want to add a photo to your baby announcement?

What colors and fonts look best?

Birthday/Bar and Bat Mitzvah/Anniversary

Are you offering your guests food choices?

Will transportation be provided?

Do you want to incorporate pictures on the invites?

How do you address the “no gifts, please” issue?

Social Stationery

Do you prefer a monogram, initials or your full name?

What are the different types of papers appropriate for men vs. women?

What is the correct order of initials in a mutual monogram?


Equally important as the perfectly suited design–and sometimes a bit more complicated–is choosing the proper wording and knowing the proper etiquette. There are basic guidelines of etiquette to follow when wording an invitation and Invitations by Design is happy to help in those (often confusing) situations!


Our deep knowledge and love of these details can help guide you through this process. You can be certain that your invitations will be a positive reflection of your event and never arrive with the time of the event missing or an incorrect date printed.


From these first steps we are able to make recommendations and be on the way to providing an invitation that creates the perfect statement.
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